Обсудим повседневные дела по-английски

Двое коллег (Liza и Michael) ведут непринуждённую дружескую беседу о повседневных делах на работе и в личной жизни. Они обсуждают, во сколько просыпаются, какие у них утренние привычки, что они едят на завтрак, какие перерывы они делают в течение дня и как они проводят вечера. Диалог также включает обсуждение вечерних занятий и того, во сколько они ложатся спать. Диалог помогает получить практические навыки в чтении и понимании простых оборотов разговорной речи. Кроме того он позволяет познакомится с повседневной рутиной и привычками в англоязычной рабочей среде.

Daily Routines in English

Liza: Hey Michael, what time do you usually wake up?

Michael: Good morning, Liza! I usually wake up at 7 AM. How about you?

Liza: Oh, me too! 7 AM works best for me as well.

Michael: That's great! Do you have a morning routine?

Liza: Yes, I do. After waking up, I get dressed, brush my teeth, wash my face, and then prepare and have breakfast. How about you, Michael?

Michael: Nice! My routine is quite similar. I also brush my teeth and wash my face, but I usually skip breakfast and grab a cup of coffee on my way to the office.

Liza: Ah, I see. Breakfast is an essential part of my morning to kickstart(1) the day. What's your typical morning drink then?

Michael: Just a cup of coffee usually does the trick for me(2). It helps me wake up and get going.

Liza: Fair enough(3). So, after your coffee, what do you do?

Michael: Well, once I arrive at the office, I check my emails and messages, make a to-do list(4) for the day, and then start working on my tasks. How about you, Liza?

Liza: Similar here. I also check my emails and messages in the morning and make a to-do list. I find it helpful to organize my tasks and stay on track(5).

Michael: Great minds think alike! Do you take any breaks during the day?

Liza: Yes, I usually have a lunch break around 12 PM. During that time, I eat my lunch and take a short walk or do some light stretching to refresh my mind(6).

Michael: That sounds like a good way to recharge. In the afternoon, what kind of work do you generally focus on?

Liza: In the afternoons, I usually focus on more detailed and challenging tasks. I might also have meetings or conferences to attend and collaborate with colleagues.

Michael: That's interesting. I'm often involved in team meetings and client calls during the afternoons as well.

Liza: After work, do you have any evening activities or hobbies?

Michael: Yes, in the evenings, I enjoy reading books, going for a run or workout(7), and spending time with my family. Sometimes, I also watch a movie or catch up on my favorite TV shows to wind down(8).

Liza: That sounds like a nice balance. I'm more into reading and spending time with my family too. It's important to have some relaxing activities after a productive day at work.

Michael: Couldn't agree more. Finally, what time do you usually go to bed?

Liza: I usually go to bed around 11 PM. It gives me enough time to unwind and get a good night's sleep before starting another day.

Michael: That makes sense. I try to stick to the same bedtime routine and aim for around 11 PM as well.

Liza: Well, it seems like we both have quite similar daily routines. It's good to know we share some common habits in the office!

Michael: Absolutely, Liza. Having similar routines can create a sense of camaraderie(9) and understanding. It's nice to have a colleague who follows a similar schedule.

^1kickstart – запустить, стартовать, дать толчок
^2does the trick – производит нужный эффект
^3Fair enough – верно, справедливо
^4to-do list – список дел
^5stay on track – придерживаться курса, не сбиться с пути, не выбиться из графика
^6do some light stretching to refresh my mind – делаю лёгкую растяжку, чтобы освежить мысли.
^7workout – тренировка
^8to wind down – расслабиться, сбросить напряжение
^9camaraderie – дух товарищества, чувство локтя

Вопросы к диалогу

  1. What time do Liza and Michael usually wake up?
  2. What morning routine does Liza have?
  3. What does Michael usually have instead of breakfast?
  4. What does Liza consider an essential part of her morning routine?
  5. What is Michael's typical morning drink?
  6. How do Liza and Michael start their workday at the office?
  7. What activities do Liza and Michael enjoy in the evenings?

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