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English Written And Spoken: Two Different Languages
The way I pronounce the sounds like thee if the next word starts with a vowel and thuh if it starts with a consonant. But it may be different where you are. I do also say it like thee, even before a consonant, if I want to stress the 'uniqueness' (if there is such a word!) of something. Similarly, I use a if the next word starts with a consonant and an if it starts with a vowel. But for me, a sounds like ah but some people say it like ay.

English Phonetic Spelling
Whenever you need to spell your name, address or abbreviation on the phone, or in person, the list below will certainly be helpful to you.

English Phonetic Transcription And Pronunciation Guide
Do you ever feel like breaking down because of English spelling? Don't worry, English spelling and pronunciation system is very confusing and often puzzles even the native speaker.

Electric or Gasoline? The Beauty and the Beast
Electric vehicles are good for the environment, it is out of the question, but will the average consumer really want them?

Use Computer Wisely
Like many people today, I spend most of each day working in front of a computer screen... and then in my own time I surf the internet and interact with friends via the various social networking sites

The Awful German Language – by Mark Twain
The inventor of the language seems to have taken pleasure in complicating it in every way he could think of.

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